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Civil Engineering at Kansas State University


Alok Bhandari, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor and Head
Civil Engineering Alumni Professorship
Honoring Dr. Robert Snell

Voice: 785.532.1586

Civil engineers impact people's lives every day. We play a key role in sustaining society by supplying clean water for household and commercial use; by treating waste to minimize human impact on the natural environment; by managing water resources for municipal and agricultural use, for generation of clean and renewable hydropower, and for transportation and recreation; by connecting large and small communities through a reliable network of roads, highways and bridges; by facilitating the free movement of food, fuel, goods and people via pipelines, highways, railways, ports and airports; by providing shelter to growing urban populations; and by restoring critical infrastructure after natural or man-made disasters.

It's indeed a great time to be a civil engineer! Recent advances in computing, information systems, sensors, materials, and biotechnology will help civil engineers deliver innovative solutions that help us meet our need for a high quality of life while simultaneously sustain precious natural resources and the environment. Visit our students and faculty to find out how embedded sensors will help monitor the 'health' of bridges across Kansas, how farmers in western Kansas will feed the nation for years to come through sustainable use of local groundwater resources, and how tomorrow's roadways, railways and smart highways will connect the urban centers of eastern Kansas with rural communities around the state.

K-State CE is uniquely poised for growth in this new decade. We have a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff and alumni who share the department's goals of educating future civil engineers, discovering new frontiers of knowledge, and serving society. Our points of pride include historically high undergraduate and graduate enrollments, outstanding passing rates in the FE exam, exceptional placement of students after graduation, a nationally recognized student chapter of ASCE, extremely supportive alumni and friends of the department, increasing research expenditures and student credit hour generation, the one-of-a-kind Civil Infrastructure Systems Laboratory, and outstanding research programs such as the KSU Transportation Center, and the Consortium for Global Research on Water-Based Economies.

I invite you to browse our web pages, visit us in Fiedler Hall, or follow my official blog to share our excitement about civil engineering and the future of our profession.

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