Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering at Kansas State University


In the next decade, another billion people will be added to the earth's population. This growth creates enormous demands for facilities to produce energy, supply food, provide transportation, handle materials, dispose wastes, clean the environment, and construct living and working spaces. The skills of civil engineers will be central to meeting these demands. Whether you're working for your bachelor's or taking your education to higher levels, KSU Civil Engineering has a program tailored just for you. Please see more about the many options and offerings below as you explore the undergraduate and graduate programs in civil engineering.


The objective of K-State's CE undergraduate program is to prepare students for professional careers in the diverse discipline of civil engineering. A major goal is to provide CE students with the best possible education toward that end within the guidelines provided by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) General Criteria and the ABET Program Criteria for Civil Engineering. Within this framework, further goals are to instill in students a sensitivity to the social and humanistic implications of technology, and to motivate them to make worthwhile contributions to their future profession and to a better society. Check out your undergraduate options here.

Graduate (On Campus)

The Department of Civil Engineering at Kansas State University offers comprehensive programs leading to the degree of masters of science within the department and doctor of philosophy within the College of Engineering. Established programs of study are available in structural analysis and design, geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering, environmental engineering, and transportation engineering and materials. An active research program exists in each of these areas, and it is the goal of the department to maintain a close association between graduate study, research, teaching, and engineering practice. Find out more about the graduate program at K-State.

Graduate (Off Campus)

KSU CE has a vibrant distance education program with more than 40 students enrolled at any time. The distance degree is offered through the Division of Continuing Education and parallels the on-campus program. Courses offered are the same as those taught on-campus. Most courses are available via the internet using KSU Online, an interactive web-based classroom which allows students to not only receive all course lectures electronically, but "chat" live or participate in threaded message board discussions with their fellow students. All courses are offered asynchronously so that students can watch lectures at their convenience.