Application Fee Waiver  

We do not permit any fee waivers. We understand that this may cause financial difficulty or hardship for some applicants but the fee is necessary to cover the paper work costs. The application will not be processed until we have received the application fee.


Is there any form to fill out for the letters of recommendation?

No.  They should write a letter regarding your qualifications for graduate study and print on letterhead.


Is there any financial aid form to fill out?

No.  Financial aid is given on a competitive basis.  Getting financial assistance from the Civil Engineering Department will depend on 1) source of funding available, 2) our research needs, and 3) applicant qualifications.


Can International Students receive financial aid during their first semester?

Yes, all students are considered. The Affidavit of Financial Support form has nothing to do with getting an assistantship. It is strictly a required form for the Graduate School.


Is KSU an ABET Accredited Program?

MS – Not applicable

PhD – Not applicable

Undergraduate – Yes.


Candidates with Undergraduate Degree Other Than Civil Engineering

If do not have a undergraduate degree in civil engineering. You must rectify course deficiencies and appropriate prerequisites for an undergraduate degree in civil engineering before your application will be reviewed for our graduate program.  Your application is on hold until this requirement is filled.


Click Here for the required course listing.


Non-Degree seeking students

Fill out application, mark non-degree, and have transcripts of all college/university work sent to the department.  The department needs to sign the application for approval and will forward to the Graduate School.  Non-Degree seeking students can take up to 9 credit hrs before officially applying to department.


TOEFL scores

A score of at least 550 (213 on the computer-based test) on the TOEFL is required for admission to the Graduate School.  Applicants with scores of 600/250 or above may be considered for regular admission.  Applicants with scores between 550/213 and 599/249 may be admitted provisionally and must, at the time of their enrollment, demonstrate proficiency in reading and writing English and in understanding spoken American English to the satisfaction of the Graduate School.  Those who do not meet the minimum proficiency standards will be required to complete specified courses offered by the English Language Program (ELP) at Kansas State.  Intensive English training for students who have TOEFL scores below 550/213 is also available through the ELP.


TOEFL below the requirement

We require a computer-based score of 213 (550 paper-based).  If you retake the TOEFL within the next two years (from the date you applied) and improve your score your application can be reactivated.


English Language Program (ELP) test

Applicants with TOEFL scores of 600 (250 on the computer‑based test) or above may be considered for regular admission. Applicants with scores between 550/213 and 599/249 may be admitted provisionally and must at the time of their enrollment demonstrate proficiency in reading and writing English and in understanding spoken American English to the satisfaction of the Graduate School. Those who do not meet the minimum proficiency standard may be recommended for enrollment in University English courses or for part‑time English courses offered by the English Language Program (ELP) on campus. Those who are determined to need substantial work in English will be required to participate in the ELP. Intensive English training for students who have TOEFL scores below 550/213 is also available through the ELP. For information and application to this program write to Director, English Language Program, 205A Fairchild Hall, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66505‑1106; e‑mail: elp@ksu.edu.


If the GRE score in the Quantative portion is below 80%

You must retake the GRE and improve to 80% or higher in the Quantative portion.


Calculation of 80% in Quantative Portion of GRE

The minimum of 80% score in GRE is not based on the score you received out of 800.  The score is curved (adjusted) relative to the number of persons taking the test.  This varies between 710 and 740 points.  The 80% is the next column in your GRE score, which indicates % below, i.e., how many from those who took the exam, are below you.  This is equivalent to asking you to be in the top 20% of those taking the exam.


How long does it take to complete the MS program?

Generally, it takes about 18 months to 2 years for full-time students.


How long does it take to complete the PhD program?

Generally, it takes about 3 to 5 years for full-time students.


Theses and Reports

A master’s thesis presents the results of an original investigation of a problem or topic approved by the candidate’s supervisory committee. Its purpose is to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to conduct original research of a type appropriate to the academic discipline, to analyze the information obtained from the research, and to present the results in a form acceptable to the supervisory committee.


A master’s report is generally shorter than a thesis and it may present the results of a more limited original investigation. Alternatively, it may review the state of a particular scholarly or scientific problem, or especially in the case of professional programs or applied disciplines it may describe a project appropriate to the discipline.


Affidavit of Financial Support Form

Section I of this form must be completed and signed in order for the CE Graduate Committee to review your application.  Your application will be considered incomplete if this is not filled out.  If you do not receive any support from the department all three sections must be filled out appropriately before your application can be forwarded to the Graduate School.  It saves time and further delay if all three sections are filled out when sending this form with your application packet.  This form has nothing to do with the department’s decision of giving support; it is a required form for the Graduate School.


In the box below is an EXAMPLE that can be issued in lieu of Section 3 of the affidavit of financial support form. This must be on letterhead from the bank along with their official stamp.




This is to certify that ________________, sponsor of _________________, an applicant seeking admission in U.S. universities has sufficient funds at this time equivalent to ____________ U.S. dollars to meet the expenses of __________________ studies.


________________ has maintained proper transactions with our bank since DATE.


This certificate does not constitute a statement of liability on the part of the bank and is issued as requested by __________________ to be produced for the purpose of higher studies in U.S. universities.







When you receive the acceptance letter from Graduate School it will list your advisor and contact information.  It is your responsibility to get in touch with the advisor. Your advisor will help you select your committee and your Program of Study.


Program of Study (POS)

Guidelines and Forms For Master's Students


When you fill out the POS you will not have taken all the classes so you will need to project what future classes you will be taking.  Add the credit hours from the projected classes you plan to take to the credit hours submitted so they equal 30 or more.  The projected classes that you put down doesn't mean that you are committed to take them. You are allowed to take a different class with the permission of your major professor. On your POS when you add the projected classes under Semester Taken just leave blank.  In your final semester you will need to do a change of program form, if you take different classes then what was on your original POS.


Transfer Credit

Up to 9 credit hours may be transferred to KSU.  After the first semester at KSU is completed your committee will review courses being transferred to decide if they will transfer or not. Students will need to have transcript(s) and course description(s) sent to the department. Transfer hours will be listed on the POS.



Final examination is not a written exam. For our distance learning students various options are available. Usually we prefer them come to campus and give a presentation (oral exam) to the CE 890 Grad Seminar Class which usually meets Wednesdays at 4:00 pm and then after the presentation you meet with your committee and answer any questions they may have.


Non-Degree Seeking

As stated on the Grad School’s website: “If you do not intend to work towards an advanced degree but you meet entrance requirements, you may be considered for admission as a nondegree Student. The program in which you plan to take courses must approve your application for nondegree student admission. You must apply to a degree program after you have completed 9 hours. No more than 9 hours of work taken in this status may be counted toward an advanced degree upon the recommendation of your supervisory committee after you are accepted as a degree student. Please note that the application fee is waived if you are applying as a nondegree student. It will be required when/if you apply to a degree program.”


If you are applying as a nondegree student, an application and transcript(s) must be sent to the department. (When applying online make sure you print out the confirmation receipt, sign and send in with your other documents.) There is no guarantee that you will be accepted into the CE program so if you enroll in a course before being accepted you will be taking the chance of paying the tuition and not getting accepted into the program.


Area of Emphasis               

The department has no set credit hours of requirement in the area of emphasis, that is between you and your advisor, on how many hours a student takes in their area of emphasis. Your committee will approve your Program of Study when you decide what classes you will take.  The main reason we need to know your area of emphasis is so we can assign an advisor in that area.