Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar Series
Fall 2008 Semester
Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Hayder Rasheed
Co-Coordinator: Md. Shaidur Rahman, M.S. Candidate

All seminars will be held in Rathbone Hall, Room DUR 1052 at 4:00 p.m. (unless noted otherwise) with refreshments being served
at 3:45 p.m. The speaker must submit an abstract to Peggy Selvidge at by Friday prior to the scheduled date.

Aug. 27th Welcome and Pizza Party  
Sept. 3rd Ahmed Abd El Fattah, M.S. Candidate: Partial Confinement Utilization for Ultimate Analysis of Circular Concrete Columns Abstract
Sept. 10th Jacqueline M. Cooper, Career and Employment Services: Job Search for Graduate Students in Civil Engineering Abstract
Sept. 17th Mbaki Onyango, Ph.D. Candidate: Verification of Mechanistic Prediction Models for Asphalt Mix Permanent Deformation (Rutting) Using Accelerated Pavement Testing Abstract
Sept. 24th Trevor Ahring, M.S. Candidate, Phreatophytes in Southwest Kansas: An Ecohydrologic Study Abstract
Oct. 1st Chandra Manandhar, PhD Candidate: Development of Laboratory-Based Accelerated Mix Testing Models Using Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device Abstract
Oct. 8th Stelios Kapsalis, M.S. Candidate: Construction and Development in the Small Mediterranean Island of Cyprus Abstract
Oct. 15th Jason Eichenberger , M.S., Distance Learning Candidate: Civil Engineering: From KSU to Burns & McDonnell Abstract
Oct. 22nd Dr. Kyle Riding, Assistant Professor: Autogenous Deformation of Concrete Abstract
Oct. 29th Becky Welsh / Tom Allen, KDOT Editor: Technical Writing Abstract
Nov. 5th Loshaka Perera, M.S. Candidate: Highway Safety Issues of Older Drivers in Kansas Abstract
Nov. 12th Tomasz Arciszewski, Professor: Bio-Inspiration in Engineering Abstract
Nov. 19th Kevin Smith , M.S., Distance Learning Candidate: Steel Joist Engineering, Fabrication, and Application Abstract
Nov. 26th Thanksgiving Break – Student Holiday  
Dec. 3rd Long Qiao, PhD Candidate: Structural Damage Detection Using Signal-Based Pattern Recognition Method Abstract
Dec. 10th Ranjit Prasad Godavarthy, M.S. Candidate: Reducing Excessive Delay to Drivers at Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing by Using a HAWK Beacon Signal Abstract