Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar Series
Fall 2010 Semester
Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Hayder Rasheed
Co-Coordinator: Mohammed Albahttiti, M.S. Candidate

All seminars will be held in Rathbone Hall, Room 1052 at 4:00 p.m. (unless noted otherwise) with refreshments being served
at 3:45 p.m. The speaker must submit an abstract to Peggy Selvidge at by Friday prior to the scheduled date.

Aug 20th Welcome and Pizza Party  
Sept 1st Dr. Alok Bhandari, Dept. Head: "Woodchip bioreactors for removal of nitrate from agricultural drainage water" Abstract
Sept 8th Jodi Kaus, JD, CTFA, Powercat Financial Counseling: "Keys to Successful Financial Management" Abstract
Sept 15th Nishitha Bezwada, MS Student: "Fatal Truck Crashes in United States" Abstract
Sept 22nd Abdoulaye Balde, MS Student: "Approach Speed Management to Rural Communities Using Innovative Low Cost Approaches: Optical Speed Bars" Abstract
Sept 29th Barry Bidinger, DCE MS Student: "Coursework Completion & Integration into Project Work", Dr Starrett's student Abstract
Oct 6th Halim Abdul Halim, MS Student: "Evaluation of Shear and Shear/Torsion using AASHTO LRFD & ACI Approaches" Abstract
Oct 13th Paul Bruss, MS Student: "Forecasting Water Use Trends and Groundwater Availability in the Ogallala Region of Kansas Using a Groundwater Model" Abstract
Oct 20th Steven Hammerschmidt, MS Student: "Assessing Damage Potential in Concrete Bridge Members" Abstract
Oct 27th Ahmed Abd El Fattah, PhD Student: "Confinement Model for Eccentric Circular Concrete Columns Wrapped with FRP and Steel" Abstract
Nov 3rd Panel Discussion of faculty members: "Graduate School and Careers in Civil Engineering: Questions and Answers" Abstract
Nov 10th Shahin Nayyeri Amiri, PhD Student: "Progress on Plastic Post Buckling of Spherical Metallic Shells" Abstract
Nov 17th Martin Courtois, Hale Library iTac: "Using Word to Write Your Electronic Thesis, Dissertation, or Report (ETDR)" Abstract
Nov 24th Thanksgiving Break - Student Holiday  
Dec 1st Emily Wicoff, MS Student: "Aquaponics in Uganda: Renewable Food Source for Community Self-Sustainability" Abstract
Dec 8th Dr. Robert Stokes, Director of KSUTC: "KSUTC: Critical Role it Plays in the Department, College and University" Abstract

* TBA: Topic to be announced