Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar Series
Spring 2010 Semester
Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Hayder Rasheed
Co-Coordinator: Md. Shaidur Rahman, M.S. Candidate

All seminars will be held in Fiedler Hall, Room 2114 at 4:00 p.m. (unless noted otherwise) with refreshments being served
at 3:45 p.m. The speaker must submit an abstract to Peggy Selvidge at by Friday prior to the scheduled date.

Jan 20th Welcome and Pizza Party  
Jan 27th Joey Holste, MS Student: Lightweight Concrete in Prestressed Girders Abstract
Feb 3rd Brandon Bortz, MS Student: Salt Scaling Durability of Concrete Containing Fly Ash Abstract
Feb 10th Charles Kucherka, MS Student, DCE: Environmentally Sustainable Advanced Treatment Onsite Sewage Facilities Abstract
Feb 17th Michelle Wilson, MS Student, DCE: Engineering Ethics Today Abstract
Feb 24th Sreekanth Reddy Akepati, MS Student: Characteristics and Contributory Causes of Work Zone Crashes for the Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative (SWZDI) Region States Abstract
Mar 3rd Feraidon Ataie, MS Student: A Comparative Study of Strength Assessment Methods of RC Columns Abstract
Mar 10th Philip Mzava, MS Student: Groundwater Elevation Estimation Model in the Sloping Ogallala Aquifer Abstract
Mar 24th Mohammad Saad B. Shaheed, MS Student: Helmet Law and Other Factors Contributing to Motorcyle Fatalities at State Level Abstract
Mar 31st Md Sarwar Siddiqui, MS Student: Effects of methods and Calculation Techniques on the Apparent Activation Energy (Ea) of Portland Cement Abstract
Apr 7th Kathy Banks, CE Dept Head, Purdue University: Treatment of Graywater and Waste Gas Using a Biofilm Reactor Abstract
Apr 14th Abdoulaye Balde, MS Student: Speed Management in Rural Communities: Innovative Low Cost Approaches Abstract
Apr 21st Md Shaidur Rahman, MS Student: Effectiveness of Thin Surface Treatment in Kansas Abstract
Apr 28th Anup Adhikari, MS Student: Design of Chip Seal with Normal Weight Aggregate
Srikanth Renikunta, MS Student: ANN-Based Program for 85th & 50th (Median) Speed Models
May 5th Md Shahidul Islam, MS Student: Chip Seal with Lightweight Aggregates
Sharmin Sultana, MS Student: Extending Life of Asphalt Pavements on Low Volume Roads with Thin Whitetopping

* TBA: Topic to be announced