Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering at Kansas State University

Undergraduate Program

The objective of K-State's CE undergraduate program is to prepare students for professional careers in civil engineering. Our major goal is to provide CE students with the best possible education in civil engineering. Further goals are to instill in students a sensitivity to the social and humanistic implications of technology, and to motivate them to contribute for the betterment of society through their chosen profession.


Our online student handbook is a one-stop place for your degree program information. It includes all you need to know about courses, graduation requirements, etc. See the online Undergraduate Student Handbook (PDF, 1.7 MB). For the online course catalog click here.


To help keep all of it straight, the college maintains curriculum flowcharts that track your progress as you work toward your degree. Check flowcharts: Students  Faculty


There are many choices that you can make as you enroll in our undergraduate civil engineering program. Among these is a choice of a concentration within civil engineering. Our undergraduate program offers four options:


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